What Are the Guidelines for Residential Public Dump Sites in St. Louis, Missouri?


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The guidelines for residential public dump sites in St. Louis state that all wastes must be household type and from city residence, according to the City of Saint Louis. Residents can dump only one load per person each month.

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Before dumping trash, a resident must pay a solid waste service fee and have proof of the same, states the City of Saint Louis. The resident must also have a valid driver’s license. Dumping hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Saturday, as of 2015.

Residents must place their loads into containers guided by instructions from the foreman, instructs the City of Saint Louis. The city does not allow anyone suspected of being a hired waste transporter to dump, as the city does not accept commercial waste. The city also does not allow dumping by churches, charity organizations or any nonprofit organization. Any wastes not found in a household, such as antifreeze, auto parts, asbestos, compressed gas cylinders and dead animals, are not acceptable for dumping. Citizens must recycle all recyclable wastes, such as food cans, plastic bottles and jars, and glass bottles and jars.

Loads must not be larger than what a half-ton pickup truck can transport, states the City of Saint Louis. The city does not accept loads in modified pickups, combinations of trucks and trailers, and enclosed trucks, except passenger vans. Loads on vehicles with sideboards, railings, or stake bodies are also not acceptable.

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