What Is the Green Party of the United States?


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The Green Party of the United States is an independent political party which operates on local, state and federal levels in the United States. The Greens advocate the broad values, or “pillars," of peace, ecology, social justice and democracy.; this core ideology was adopted from the West German Greens at the Green Party of the United States’ inception.

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The Green Party was founded in 1984 and first strove for presidential election with their candidate Ralph Nader in 1996. The Greens have fielded a presidential nominee in each election since. In 2001, the party formally adopted the name ”The Green Party of the United States” and applied to the Federal Election Commission for recognition as a national committee. The Green Party’s 2012 presidential contender, Jill Stein, set the record for the most votes received by a female candidate with 470,000 votes.

The Green’s four pillars are underpinned by ten “key values” including grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, non-violence, social justice and equal opportunity, decentralization of wealth and power. Other values include community based economics, respect for diversity, feminism and gender equality, personal and global responsibility and future focus and sustainability.

The Green Party of the United States is also a member of the Global Greens organization, which aims to spread the common values of their member parties to the world through international collaboration.

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