What Is Grassroots Mobilization?

grassroots-mobilization Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Grassroots mobilization is when a group of individuals in a particular community come together to organize for social, political, environmental or economic change in order to make enhance the quality of their lives or the lives of others. The term "grassroots" refers to building up from the bottom and including individuals from all walks of life that share the same commitment to change.

One goal of grassroots mobilization is to reach a large number of people. Typically, grassroots campaigns will organize protests, rallies or other demonstrations in a public space in order to educate other citizens on the issue of concern. Once individuals have been educated and updated on a certain issues, grassroots organizations attempt to mobilize individuals to action. This means that they recruit new numbers to help advance the mission of the organization. New members of grassroots organizations use whatever skills they have to advance the cause. These skills might include PR management, website building or letter-writing. Most grassroots mobilizations have a central goal of their campaign, such as helping to pass a certain bill that would be beneficial to the group, or to stop legislation. Other goals include funding specific projects or simply raising awareness of an issue that affects the public at large.