What Are Graphic Homicide Photos?


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Homicide photos are photographs taken of the alleged victim of a homicide and the scene of the death; graphic homicide photos are those that contain blood, gore or other potentially disturbing content. Homicide photos are often used as evidence in court cases.

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The scene of a crime plays a crucial role when building legal cases; photos allow investigators to record facts about the crime scene. The state of the victim often matters as well, particularly in cases where prosecutors attempt to prove the defendant was acting in a depraved manner. Evidence presented during a trial often becomes public information, so many graphic images are posted online.

Investigators often preserve crime scenes as long as needed, but the area is later released to the owner and, in most cases, cleaned thoroughly. As a result, any information the investigators or prosecutors want must be taken before the scene is cleared. Photographs enable law enforcement agents to preserve information potentially lost during the initial investigation.

Crime-related photos are generally taken by crime scene investigators, who often receive training in photography. An overexposed or underexposed photo can make certain elements of the crime scene difficult to detect, so photographers must know how to adjust for light accordingly. In addition, photographers generally follow specific protocols to ensure that they capture all important information.

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