What Is the Government Structure of Ontario?


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The government of the Canadian province of Ontario is a one-chamber parliament with 107 seats modeled on a British legislative framework called the Westminster system of government. This Legislative Assembly is ruled by a selected member of the winning majority government as Premier of Government in Ontario, while the Queen in Right of Ontario acts as head of state. The Lieutenant Governor acts as official representative and head of state in Ontario in the Queen's absence.

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While Canada's federal government resides in the nation's capital in Ottawa, Ontario, Ontario's own provincial government is housed in Toronto.

Ontario's provincial government is one of the three levels of government established in Canada: federal, provincial and municipal. While Canada's federal government holds constitutional authority over matters like immigration, trade and commerce, and indirect taxation, powers that provinces like Ontario hold include education, health and social services, administration of justice, and direct taxation. Additionally, municipal governments deal with issues pertaining to specific regions and municipalities within the province of Ontario.

The formation of Canada's current system of government and the allocation of specific powers to each of the three respective tiers of government was established by the Constitution Act, 1867, through which the British Parliament formed the first Canadian federation composed of four provinces.

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