How Do You Get Free Government Money?

To receive cash benefits from the government, it is necessary to find a government aid program that dispenses cash payouts, meet the eligibility guidelines of the program and complete the application. Government website, explicitly states that the government will not give money to people without a valid reason.

State and federal agencies operate a large number of benefits programs that are intended to assist people who need help and to encourage desirable outcomes by agencies and individuals. Not all of these benefits involve cash payments, and many of them are restricted to people and agencies that meet strict eligibility requirements. According to, many of these programs come and go according to funding levels and changes to the law.

The Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers to be wary of scams offering free money from the government. These are always fraudulent offers that usually involve extracting a "processing fee" from victims in exchange for some unspecified help in obtaining benefits from government agencies. To find out which programs are open and receiving applications, it is usually best to meet with an industry professional who is familiar with the details of government aid programs and the requirements to qualify under them.