Why Is the Government Hiding the Aliens?

Many believe the government is hiding information regarding extraterrestrial life for various reasons, according to PresidentialUFO.com. Conspiracy theorists believe the government is hiding the remains of aliens at the Area 51 military facility in Nevada. Several theories have emerged regarding the reasons why the government would hide information about aliens from the public, including reasons of national security.

Theories about the non-disclosure of information regarding aliens often hold that the complexity of the relationship between the United States government and alien life is too much for the public to understand. Disclosing these facts could reveal sensitive information about other government programs that could incriminate the government if divulged. Others believe the reason the government is hiding information about aliens is because such information could pose a threat to national security. Still others believe the reason the government is secretive about the information collected on aliens is that there is not enough information to make sense of. For example, releasing speculative information that is unsubstantiated could cause a public riot and widespread fear for no reason. Theories regarding the visitation of alien beings to planet Earth remain unverified by any agencies; the truth is thus impossible to know unless government documents are leaked.