What Is a Good Way to Format a Petition?


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GoPetition states that the three key elements of a successful petition are a description of what the petition addresses, a suggested solution to the situation, and a call to action to bring about that solution. Being clear and concise in all three of these is key.

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The GoPetition writing guide goes into great depth about effective petition creation. Before drafting and posting a petition, research the circumstances surrounding the situation the petition addresses, and be sure all facts are correct. Such research adds legitimacy to a cause and informs those unfamiliar with the situation.

Rather than making an emotional appeal, GoPetition suggests a logical approach when composing a petition. Potential signers who are emotional about a subject are more likely to sign, but appealing solely to those likely signatures excludes those who are indifferent or even opposed to the matter at hand. By appealing to reason, a petition opens itself to the widest number of signatures.

Sample petitions are available at GoPetition for a clear view of how petitions are formatted. The selection of sample petitions they offer cover a wide range of topics and targets, making it easier to optimally format a petition to gain attention for a cause.

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