When Is a Good Time to Give Someone Power of Attorney Over Your Estate?


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A good time to give someone power of attorney is when people are out of state and need to appoint someone in control of their property or affairs, the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid advises. Power of attorneys can be given at any time, and they can designate minimal or complete control over someone else's affairs.

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A power of attorney is needed when a person is unable to make decisions regarding household and medical issues or financial issues. A person can become incapacitated due to illness, unavailability or an accident, says the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid.

If an accident or illness makes someone unable to conduct his own personal affairs, or the accident takes away the necessary mental capacity to make decisions, a power of attorney can help with paying bills, processing loans, collecting income or requesting medical care. A power of attorney can be given legal rights in order to make medical decisions on behalf of someone.

There are a few different types of power of attorneys available, such as a durable power of attorney, which stays in effect for a lifetime unless revoked. A springing power of attorney begins when designated life events happen. Even if someone is appointed power of attorney, the person who appointed the power of attorney retains the right and ability to conducts his own affairs and make his own decisions.

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