What Are Some Good Steps to Take to Stop Youth Violence?

What Are Some Good Steps to Take to Stop Youth Violence?

Some good steps to take to stop youth violence include promoting a safe and supportive home environment; working with schools to prevent violence; organizing the community to increase protective factors and reduce risks; and advocating with systems to address conditions related to violence. All stakeholders should cooperate for better results.

To promote a safe and supportive home environment, governments and nongovernmental organizations should provide alcohol and drug dependency treatment for parents. Educating parents about the ways and benefits of restricting their youth to violent media helps shield kids from bad influences. Social organizations should promote connectedness between family members and the community.

Governments should implement evidence-based youth prevention programs in schools. On-site screening and early intervention helps students who have multiple risk factors.

The community should be organized to engage in youth development approaches. Communities can facilitate forums that allow the youth to discuss and create healthy relationships. Access to alcohol and firearms for the youth should be limited, and the community should strengthen standards against violence, aggression, racism and bullying.

Individuals and both the governmental and nongovernmental organizations should advocate for policy initiatives that meet the basic family support needs, such as housing, income and food. Professionals need training to recognize and respond to violence. All youth who cannot live at their homes should be provided with housing and care.