What Are Some Good Reasons to Vote in Elections?

By voting in elections, citizens can non-verbally express their wants and opinions on how the nation should be run. Many politicians look at voter turnout before making major policy decisions. A high voter turnout urges politicians to make decisions beneficial to the citizenry that put them in office.

If a politician sees a high voter turnout from a certain demographic of people, he may be more willing to create policies benefiting that demographic to appease them and get their future votes. People with special interests should also vote. Each constituency has its own needs. These groups include the elderly, immigrants, individuals without health care and college students. Voting ensures that the needs of these groups are considered. Another reason to vote is if you are a college student. In the years after college, many people get a job, a house or apartment, pay off student loans and start a family. The politicians voted into office and the policies they create have an enormous effect on the future of college-aged voters and young families. Also, many people fought and campaigned for the right to vote. Voting honors the sacrifices these individuals made to give future generations the right to voice their opinions.