What Are Some Good Reasons to Sue Someone?

People legitimately sue others to enforce contracts, recover incurred damages, protect property and replace fiduciaries, according to Money Crashers. A lawsuit to enforce a contract might force a defendant to pay a debt or transfer a car title. Lawsuits of this type can address disputes over whether a contractual relationship is truly in place or how parties abide by contractual terms.

Events that can precipitate lawsuits for damages include car accidents and accidental poisonings of restaurant patrons, notes Money Crashers. For this type of lawsuit to succeed, the plaintiff must convince the court that the defendant acted negligently. Lawsuits can force people to pay damages for physical, financial and emotional harm.

Lawsuits over property arise from the complexities of modern social and business environments. For example, a person might have to sue to readjust the location of a neighbor's fence. Trust grantors and beneficiaries often sue to replace fiduciaries suspected of mismanagement, reports Money Crashers. Also known as trustees, fiduciaries administer funds on the behalf of others.

Pursuing a lawsuit is typically a lengthy, costly and stressful process. Arbitration is similar to a lawsuit in that arbitrators have legal authority to make binding rulings, though arbitration is far less costly than a formal lawsuit, explains Money Crashers.