What Are Good Reasons to Study Law?

Good reasons to embark on a legal education include gaining in-depth knowledge of the law, the chance to help others, developing a wide-ranging skill set, specializing in an area of interest, and excellent career opportunities, according to About.com. An education in law is useful for future attorneys and for those who want to pursue other career options with a basis in legal studies.

An education in law teaches powerful critical thinking and reasoning skills that enhance intellectual capabilities in all areas of a person's life, according to Trinity College at Cambridge. Those studying law also develop presentation skills through mock trials, clinics and classroom discussion. Knowledge of the law also means becoming familiar with law-specific language. This teaches students to parse difficult legalese and to be able to interpret it for others. An education in law is useful for careers in government, human resources and other areas.

Depending upon the specialty, the study of law allows individuals to interact with a variety of people and to make a difference in the community. According to the University of New South Wales, a legal education provides the tools to note problems in the justice system and seek to change those issues. A study of the law also helps develop understanding of power relationships in government and society.