What Are Some Good Qualities in a Bankruptcy Lawyer?


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Good qualities to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer include specialization in practicing bankruptcy law and proper communication skills, particularly when it comes to responding to queries in a timely manner and thoroughly explaining the bankruptcy process to his clients, notes the Law Offices of Craig Cook. It is also important for a bankruptcy lawyer to demonstrate a passion for his job and to listen to his clients' specific needs, explains Fox Business.

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It is important for a bankruptcy lawyer to have sufficient experience in handling the complexities of bankruptcy cases, suggests Nolo. More complex cases require more experience. A bankruptcy lawyer should know the local trustees and be familiar with federal and local rules that apply to bankruptcy.

Discussing alternate resolutions, such as declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or settling for a debt-management plan, is indicative of a high level of quality in a bankruptcy practice, reports Fox Business. Understanding all the options lessens a client's regret later in the proceedings. Expressing empathy for the client's situation and asking difficult questions, such as how the client reached bankruptcy, are also good qualities. It is important for a client to feel comfortable with his bankruptcy lawyer.

A good bankruptcy lawyer should exhibit excellent attention to detail, especially in regard to reviewing his client's financial situation and assets, explains the Law Offices of Craig Cook.

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