What Are Some Good Free Military Graphics?

What Are Some Good Free Military Graphics?

As of 2015, some good military graphics include the ones found at FreeClipArt.com and ClassroomClipart.com. Each of these websites feature a variety of graphics that are free to download for the user.

At FreeClipArt.com, there are more than 400 graphics featuring military subjects. Some of the subjects include a helicopter, shields and badges, cannons and missiles, soldiers and Hummers. There are more than 10 folders with various numbers of pieces of clipart inside by subject. To see the size of the file of the clipart before downloading, the person must click on the thumbnail picture of the art.

From there, they see the file size and can download the desired graphics. This website lets the customer send a piece of clipart as an eCard to someone else.

ClassroomClipart.com offers more than 100 files of graphics for user to download and use. This includes pictures of fighter jets, military tanks, soldiers saluting, a camouflaged soldier and an American flag. Each piece of art features a title and the size of the file. There is also the number of hits from other people downloading a particular piece of art.

Customers must click on the graphic they like to link to the page where they can download the file. Most of the downloaded files are JPEGs.