What Are Some Good Marine Boot Camp Stories?


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Perhaps the most famous story about Marine Corps boot camp, which is fictional, is the scenario depicted in the classic film "Full Metal Jacket." Task & Purpose, a military blog, lists a number of amusing stories about punishments administered to recruits by Marine Corps boot camp drill instructors.

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One of the stories describes a recruit who managed to sneak his wristwatch into the training facility, where the staff usually takes all personal items during basic training. When the officers discovered the watch, they ordered the recruit to sit inside a large metal trash can and then put the lid on. Whenever an officer walked by the trash can and kicked it, the recruit was on order to remove the lid, stand up and tell the officer the exact time.

Another story describes a recruit who thought he was special since he was an Eagle Scout. When the drill instructors caught on to this, they took the recruit into the woods and had him build a nest; then, they ordered him to squat over the nest for hours to keep his eggs warm.

The boot camp story in "Full Metal Jacket" is less amusing. One of the recruits in the film was slightly overweight, clumsy and wasn't very smart. The drill instructor, a strict disciplinarian, nicknamed the recruit "Private Pyle" and ultimately pushed the young man over the edge of sanity. As the boot camp portion of the film drew near its end, the private lost his wits and, in the barracks' restroom, shot the drill instructor with his rifle and then turned it on himself.

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