How Do You Find a Good Federal EEOC Lawyer for a Hearing With the AG?


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A qualified employment lawyer capable of handling Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cases is found by asking family and friends for referrals or visiting online legal directories, states FindLaw. You can also check with the local legal aid office, or seek attorney referrals provided by the American Bar Association.

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Another way to find a good EEOC lawyer is to visit websites of active employment lawyers, and read the information provided, which can be used to make a determination about hiring the lawyer, notes attorney Jonathan L. Gould. It's a good idea to review the qualifications of several lawyers before selecting one for representation, advises FindLaw. The best lawyers have ample experience in presenting cases at trial and are informed about current laws and regulations regarding employment issues. You should also ask how much time the lawyer is personally able to devote to your case, because some of the workload is handed off to legal assistants.

After choosing a few good lawyers to review, you must write out all of the important details concerning your EEOC case, and give this information to each prospect for review, advises Gould. Lawyers are able to better determine how they can be helpful when they know all the facts of the case.

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