What Are Good Campaign Slogans When Running for the Office of School Secretary?

One possible campaign slogan when running for the office of secretary, according to Shout Slogans, is "If you want a secretary that is the best, vote for (candidate's name), he'll sort out the mess!" Another slogan is "He's friendly, he's merry, he should be the next secretary! Vote for (candidate's name)."

The website also suggests a few other slogan possibilities, including "Counselors pick classes, parents make rules, thank goodness we get to pick the secretary of the school!" and "Pack of pencils - $5, Class t-shirts - $15, Notebooks - $3, Having (candidate's name) as secretary...priceless!"

The position of secretary is usually one of the jobs that help to make up a student council within a school. Other student council positions typically include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Class Representative and Historian.

Sussex Technical School District explains that the person acting as secretary is responsible for maintaining the student council's records and for taking notes during council meetings. Additionally, the secretary may announce the order of the meeting, explain items on the agenda and send out meeting minutes to other student council members. The secretary also generally keeps track of current and new council members and sends out email communications about upcoming events, announcements and regular meeting dates.