What Are Some General Massachusetts Laws?


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Massachusetts general law allows parents of newborns to place them at hospitals, police departments or manned fire stations without an automatic determination that they have relinquished custody, notes the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The state's general laws also provide for fines and possible imprisonment for people convicted of defacing property through acts such as painting graffiti.

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Under the general laws of Massachusetts, the state puts children into foster care if parents leave them at specific facilities when they are ages seven days or less, states the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While the law does not immediately terminate the parental rights of someone who leaves a newborn, it does authorize the state to initiate termination of rights based on the presumption of abandonment. The law also dictates that the state offers a public information program regarding leaving newborns at designated facilities, along with teen pregnancy and adoption information.

Massachusetts general law makes it a crime to intentionally, willfully and maliciously damage property through painting, marking, scratching or otherwise defacing property, according to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The law covers property such as buildings, fences, rocks, walls and monuments, and allows for imprisonment and fines for offenders. People convicted of property damage under this Massachusetts law lose their drivers' licences for one year or, if under the age of 16, face a one-year delay in driving eligibility.

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