What Is a General Liability Release of Claims Form?


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A general liability release of claims form is a waiver that bars any claims being brought against individuals for their action or services, according to RocketLawyer. These forms are commonly used when someone is performing a service for another person.

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When a party signs a general release of liability form, that party is releasing the second party involved in the transaction from any legal action, says RocketLawyer. A general liability release of claims is most often used when work is being performed on another person's property, when an event is held on someone's property or when someone is performing a service that may place them at risk for potential legal claims. It's possible that on occasion an individual signs a general release to give up a claim against another individual in exchange for money or some type of compensation. Liability releases are in place to discourage people from suing and help to prevent those people from winning if they do decide to sue, according to EquineLegalSolutions. The individual signing the release form must be advised that the activity or service he is about to engage in has risks, but he accepts those risks by signing the release.

A general liability release of claims does not protect anyone when gross negligence, reckless misconduct or willful misconduct is involved, says USLegalForms.

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