What Are Gang Bandanas?

There isn't a type of bandana called a gang bandana, but gang members sometimes wear bandanas to signify their affiliation with a particular gang. The color varies depending on the gang.

Common places for a gang member to wear a bandana are on his head, off his waistband, around his leg or in his pocket.

Gangs with members known to wear bandanas as a means of identification include the Bloods, Crips and MS-13. The Blood gang wears the color red. The Crip gang and MS-13 both use blue and black as their colors.

In certain areas, gang members use belts as a substitute for bandanas. Other attire frequently worn by gang members include baggy pants worn below the waistline and sports apparel that matches the gang's colors. Tattoos related to the gang are common among gang members, and for some members, larger tattoos indicate a larger degree of involvement with the gang.

Attire isn't a reliable method of determining gang membership, as the clothing and accessories worn by gang members are also often worn by people who aren't in gangs. Certain gangs no longer have members showcase their affiliation through their attire, as it makes it more difficult for law enforcement to pinpoint gang members.