What Functions Does the Uidai Portal Provide for Users of Indian Governmental Services?


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The UIDAI portal offers data relating to the number of Aadhaar registrations in relation to generation. The portal also provides charts outlining the registration trends of Aadhaar members.

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An Aadhaar is an individual identification number composed of 12 digits and issued by UIDAI, or the Unique Identification Authority of India, on behalf of the Indian government. An Aadhaar is similar to a Social Security number used in the United States and serves as a proof of identification and address in India. An Aadhaar number allows residents access to services such as banking and mobile phone connections.

The portal keeps track of the Aadhaar registration process through charts that depict the number of citizens who sign up. The UIDAI portals divides its charts into three parts: one chart keeps track of members according to generation, while another focuses on members by age and gender, and the third highlights growing trends of registration over time.

In addition, the UIDAI portal allows users to sign in to check their enrollment statuses and gives members the ability to update Aadhaar through four-step online requests. Users also book appointments and locate UIDs using the portal, and the portal allows members to check on their banking statuses and verify email or mobile information.

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