What Are the Functions of the U.S. Army?


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The U.S Army is charged with various responsibilities, but its prime function is to guide and protect the country from external attacks and defend its citizens. As the main ground-force of the U.S military, it is also the largest department of all the three military departments.

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The U.S Army has a non-negotiable contract with the people of America to fight and win its wars as it contributes in a unique way to national security. It is the duty of the army to provide a dominant force on land, which essentially shapes and dictates the national security environment. The U.S Army deters any possible challengers to their land by projecting superiority, strategically responding to potential threats and overseas stationing.

The functions of the Army are provided in the Department of Defense Directive 5100. The directive explains that the Army’s duty is to organize, equip and train its own forces to conduct all combat operations on land. The Army also has the ability to conduct air and missile defense and other space operations, in the effort to seize, occupy and defend land areas. The Army also participates in peacekeeping missions overseas and other civil programs while serving the interests of the country.

The Army’s purpose is to serve the people of America, protect their land, national interests and fulfil its military responsibilities. It deters conflict, defeats enemies, reassures allies and supports the civil authorities.

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