What Are Some Functions of NYC Parking Violations Bureau?


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Among other functions, the New York parking violations bureau hears cases relating to parking infractions and determines appropriate penalties, states Justia. The bureau also functions as a revenue collector; for this reason, New York law requires the body to remit any levies and fines that it may have collected, along with requisite financial statements, to the commissioner of finance by the 15th day of the month.

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New York law also mandates the New York parking bureau to craft rules for regulating its operations, explains Justia; however, these rules should not conflict with existing laws. The body can, for example, develop edicts to regulate the conduct of hearings and the process of paying fines. New York ordinances require the body to issue blank notices of violation to law enforcement agents, members of the fire department and other cogent statutory officials, who can then issue them to violators.

Applicable New York statutes allow the bureau to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses and other parties who may be relevant to its cases to testify or provide pertinent evidence, which is in keeping with its adjudicative function, notes Justia. The same laws also allow the bureau to enforce its judgments in the same way that civil courts compel parties to comply with their rulings. The bureau must maintain records of all cases under its purview.

Applicable laws prohibit the body from issuing custodial sentences and set limits on the value of fines it can levy per infraction, adds Justia. As of January 2016, these limits are $100 for violations involving parking spaces in which regulations prohibit stopping or standing and $150 for infractions relating to parking spaces for the handicapped.

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