What Are Some Fun Facts About Some of the Presidents of the United States?

fun-presidents-united-states Credit: Leigh Vogel / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

Some fun facts about some of the presidents of the United States include that John Adams skipped school when he was younger in order to fish and hunt, Liberia named its capital city after James Monroe, John Quincy Adams often swam naked in the Potomac River and Andrew Jackson had a parrot that cursed frequently. Another fun fact is that the first U.S. president, George Washington, was the owner of a whiskey distillery that made a profit each year.

A popular modern event, the Inaugural Ball, was first held for Madison in 1809. The ball then became an annual event. At this first event, people had to pay $4 to attend and only 400 people were allowed to come. Interestingly, Gerald Ford was a model as a boy before he became the president.

Another fun fact is that William Taft went on to become a Supreme Court justice after being president. He had always loved the law more than he had loved politics, and so it made sense for him to go back to his former calling. Harry Truman worked as a haberdasher before he took office. Martin Van Buren has also been said to have been responsible for the word "OK," as this was the name of the clubs that cheered him on throughout his presidential bid. The clubs were called "Old Kinderhook clubs," which were shortened to "OK."