What Are Some Fun Facts About John Adams?


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Some fun facts about John Adams are that he was the first lawyer to serve as U.S. President and the first U.S. President to live in the White House. When Thomas Jefferson succeeded Adams as the third president of the United States, Adams skipped attending Jefferson's inauguration. John Quincy was Adams' son.

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What Are Some Fun Facts About John Adams?
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In addition to holding the office of U.S. President, Adams served as the U.S. Vice President for eight years. As part of his vice-presidential duties, he served as the tie-breaking vote for the U.S. Senate. Adams broke ties in the Senate 31 different times.

As the first President to take up residency in the White House, Adams moved in even before builders completed the dwelling. Before moving into the White House on Nov. 1, 1800, Adams lived in a hotel. Because Adams lost the next election, he spent only approximately four months in total living in the White House.

History remembers Adams and Jefferson as political rivals. Scholars also report that Adams won the office of U.S. President over Jefferson by only three votes in the Senate. As head of the U.S. Senate at the time, it was Adams himself who opened the tally of votes to reveal that he won the presidency.

Adams is one of only three U.S. Presidents that chose not to attend the inauguration of the next President. Adams' son Quincy became the sixth President, making Adams and Quincy one of only two father-son pairs to hold the office of President of the United States. Adams created many writings during his lifetime, including the Massachusetts Constitution. He also wrote many letters to family and friends.

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