How Do You Find Forms for Child Custody?


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Forms for child custody are available at county clerk's offices within local courthouses in the state in which a person resides, according to FindLaw. Some states provide online access to child custody forms on the court's website. An attorney may also obtain and file child custody forms for clients.

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To establish child custody, parents must complete a child custody form, which is also known as a parenting plan, and file the forms with the courts. If the parents can agree on custody and visitation, the agreement can be filed with the courts without a court order, according to California Courts. The child custody plan establishes legal custody for one or both individuals to be able to make decisions regarding the child's education, medical care and religious preferences. In addition, a specific schedule of visitation is included in the child custody form and signed by both parents, and visitation guidelines such as days of the week and times when custody is transferred are outlined on most child custody forms. Specifications for communication, transportation and procedures for changing the specified schedule are also typically outlined on a child custody form.

If both parents do not agree with the schedule or the guidelines detailed on the child custody form, a judge typically appoints a mediator from Family Court Services to help both parties reach an agreement, according to California Courts.

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