How Do You Format a Letter to a Judge?

A letter to a judge should be formatted in a professional style, according to The Law Dictionary. The envelope should be addressed to the judge utilizing his full name, the name of the court he presides over and his official mailing address.

The body of the letter should be aligned on the left side of the page and is single spaced, advises The Law Dictionary. At the top of the body, repeat the full address from the envelope and then skip a space and write out your name and address. After skipping another space, write the date the letter is written, then skip another space and enter a salutation beginning, "Dear Judge" with his last name. Leave another space and start the paragraph. A space should be kept between each paragraph and between the paragraphs and the closing.

Close the letter with respectfully or sincerely, instructs The Law Dictionary. Leave at least four blank spaces for a written signature before typing out your full name. Be clear and concise in stating the purpose of the letter, such as stating that it is letter for leniency or a letter on behalf of a victim. It is important to proofread the letter to ensure that all names, dates and are correct.