What Is Form I-797?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services utilizes various types of Form I-797 to transmit immigration benefits or convey information to applicants, explains the USCIS. For example, the agency issues Form I-797, Notice of Action, when it approves a petition or an application. Customers cannot complete a Form I-797.

The USCIS issues Form I-797A, Notice of Action, to an applicant to replace Form I-94. The agency sends Form I-797B, Notice of Action, when an alien worker petition is approved, explains the USCIS. Form I-797C, Notice of Action, notifies customers when payments are received, applications are rejected, files are transferred, cases are reopened and interviews, fingerprint biometrics or appointments are rescheduled. The agency sends Form I-797D with benefit cards and Form I-797E, Notice of Action, when requesting evidence. The USCIS issues Form I-797F, Transportation Letter, abroad to permit applicant travel.