How Is a Forest Fire Put Out?

forest-fire-put-out Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Firefighters generally work to put out a forest fire by creating a fire line in the ground that will stop the fire from continuing its path. Firefighters may also use planes filled with water and chemicals to help put out forest fires.

When firefighters create a fire line in the ground, they work to stop the fire from spreading. They will move all of the debris and plant life from the area in order to be able to prevent the fire from getting out of control. They will often also create a wall of dirt by stirring it up in the area around the fire. These tactics are generally used at the beginning of a wild fire and will generally only work for forest fires that are somewhat small.

If a forest fire has become too large or is burning out of control, firefighters will work to contain the fire from the sky. They will use planes and helicopters that can fly above the fire. These planes contain water that will help to put the fire out and special chemicals that work to smother the flames. This tactic is generally used for very large fires or fires that have not been contained.