How Do You Get Food Stamps?

To get food stamps, make sure you meet all the requirements and possess all the necessary documentation to qualify for public assistance, and apply at your local public assistance office. Wait for your benefit card to arrive through postal mail, and wait for your benefits to be loaded.

  1. Determine your eligibility

    Determine whether or not you and your family are eligible for food stamp benefits. Educate yourself on the requirements using online resources or by making an appointment with a representative from a local public assistance office.

  2. Gather all necessary documentation

    Gather all documentation necessary to prove that you and your household are eligible. This documentation generally includes proof of income, proof of citizenship, and valid social security numbers for all household members.

  3. Apply for the benefits

    Apply for food stamp benefits at your local office. If you cannot personally attend the appointment, designate a person to go in your place. You may have the option to submit your application online, depending on the state in which you live.

  4. Wait for your card

    Upon approval, your benefit card is sent to you in the mail. Wait for the card to arrive, and follow the steps to activate the card as soon as you get it.

  5. Wait for your benefits to be loaded

    Once your card is activated, wait for your benefits to be loaded. Generally, they are loaded on the same day each month.