What Is Food Stamp Fraud?


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SNAP fraud occurs when individuals lie to obtain benefits or receive more than they are entitled to, exchange benefits for cash and when disqualified retailers lie to re-enter the program. In 2012, the Office of the Inspector General devoted more than 50 percent of investigative resources to prevent such fraud.

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The Department of Agriculture uses the latest technology to combat SNAP trafficking -the illegal sale of benefits for cash or ineligible items- to ensure the program is helping the families needing it most. A large team of analysts and investigators across the country is dedicated to enforcing retailer compliance by analyzing electronic store data for suspicious patterns and conducting undercover investigations, cites the USDA.

Due to increased oversight in SNAP fraud management by the USDA, the trafficking rate fell from roughly 4 cents on the dollar in 1993 to about 1 cent on the dollar from 2006 to 2008, according to the USDA.

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