What does the Florida Statute Chapter 718 say about condominiums?


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Chapter 718 of the Real and Personal Property Law of the State of Florida establishes condominiums as a type of real property in the state. The chapter defines the conditions under which properties can be converted to condominiums and the rights and responsibilities of developers and associations.

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Chapter 718 says that condominiums can be newly built or converted from existing property. Section 612 states that tenants of properties converting to condominiums have the right of first refusal to purchase their homes before offering them for sale elsewhere. Converters must offer the condominium to the tenant again if the developer intends to offer it for sale at a price lower than that originally refused by the tenant. Section 62 prohibits discrimination against tenants who opt not to buy their rented homes as condominiums.

In Florida, condominium board officers and directors are responsible for the overall management of a condominium association, including maintaining records within the state and publishing financial statements promptly, indicates CondoLaw.com. Board members have to be elected using paper ballots or voting machines, and elections must be announced to all owners by mail within 60 days of an election. Individual voting rights can be suspended if a condo owner is 90 or more days overdue on any payments to the condominium association. Condominium owners have the right to attend meetings of their condominium boards where a quorum is present and may record the meetings.

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