What Does Florida Statute Chapter 718 Cover?


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Florida statute chapter 718 covers the rules and regulations regarding condominium associations. This includes timeshares, associations, legal description of condominium parcels and separate taxation of condominium parcel, as well as what happens if the unit's owner fails to pay the required fees for living in such a community.

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If a Florida resident lives in a condominium that is part of a community or association, he is generally required to pay dues and assessments as part of that association. If he does not pay, the association can get a lien on the property that could result in a foreclosure. Chapter 718 of the Florida statute governs this process.

According to the statute, a condominium cannot file a lien against the property until 30 days has passed since a notice of intent to file a lien was delivered to the condo owner. The condo owner can force the association to enforce the lien by filing a Notice of Contest of Lien. After that notice is filed, the association has 90 days after being served to file an action to enforce the lien. If the action is not filed within that time-frame, the lien is void.

The association must give the condo owner written notice of its intent to foreclose on the lien and collect unpaid monies, but a judgment for foreclosure cannot be entered until at least 30 days have passed after service of such notice.

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