What Are Five Examples of Bait and Switch?

On Craigslist, bait-and-switch scams typically involve home or apartment rentals, in which a fake landlord illegally takes deposits from multiple parties on a property listed at a great price, and then the scammer skips town. Another home-buying scam is predatory lending, which is the practice of substantially changing loan terms and charging consumers exorbitant fees and high interest rates at closing, according to Melissa A. Huelsman, an attorney focused on predatory lending.

In politics, some candidates may use bait and switch as a campaign strategy. They may be known as more extremist in their views, but then suddenly adopt a more conciliatory view and become softer in their rhetoric, to attract more voters. For example, Cory Gardner previously sponsored the Life Begins at Contraception Act, but then later while running for the Senate, he espoused not restricting contraception and a woman's right to choose. He won the Senate seat for Colorado in 2014.

In retail, Dell faced a class action suit in 2005 for "systematically deceiving" customers by advertising low prices for its computers, but not having them available at the sales price when customers tried to buy them. Lenovo was also charged with practicing bait and switch, in 2014, when it advertised a "door crasher" sale, then failed to honor the prices, because it said it was an error.