What Does a Fireman Do?

fireman Credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A fireman responds to and assists in a variety of emergency situations. Firefighters keep fires under control and extinguish them. They are frequently called on for medical emergencies.

Firefighters work at the fire station for shifts that usually last 24 hours. In extreme situations like forest fires, a firefighter could work several days straight. They eat and sleep at the station while they wait for emergency calls. When a call comes in, they must be ready to go immediately.

Firefighters have a broad skill set because of the many different situations to which they must respond. They have to be able to drive fire trucks and ambulances. At the scene of an emergency, firefighters may be required to provide medical care for sick or injured people, to save people from a dangerous situation (such as a burning building) or to put out fires. Firefighters educate the public on fire safety as a prevention method.

Firefighter preparation involves staying fit, due to the physical demands of the job, and keeping equipment clean and ready. Firefighters often need to wear heavy protective gear because of the harsh environments they face. Despite the dangers they face, a career as a firefighter is sought after because of the pay compared to the low education requirements. The excitement of the job and the ability to serve the public also attracts job seekers.