What Is the Fine for a Traffic Ticket in the City of New York?


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All New York traffic fines vary in amount depending on the nature of the violation, the motorist’s driving record as measured by points on her license, surcharges and civil penalties, according to DMV.org. The amounts can also vary from county to county.

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A base fine increases according to the factors listed above, explains DMV.org. Six points on a motorist’s license subjects the motorist to a driver responsibility assessment, which requires the motorist to pay an additional $100 per year for three years. If the motorist acquires any additional points in that three-year period, she must pay an additional $75 per point per year. At 11 points, the motorist’s driver’s license is suspended, states The Rosenblum Law Firm.

The courts also assess civil penalties for certain drunk driving violations, notes DMV.org. A motorist who refuses a chemical test is assessed an additional $500, or $750 if she refuses within five years of a previous drunken driving conviction. A young motorist who violates the state’s zero tolerance law faces a $125 civil penalty along with a $100 suspension termination fee when applying for license reinstatement.

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