What Financial Aid Resources Are Available for Single Moms?


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Local nonprofit agencies help mothers with such things as rent, utility bills and day care, according to WAHM.com. Churches and other religious organizations provide shelter, rent and utility payments. Federal programs include Temporary Assistance for Needy families and the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program.

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WAHM.com mentions that the Department of Social Service provides assistance in the form of Medicare, Medicaid and day care assistance. The Department of Human Services is another nonprofit agency. Mothers meet with social workers who determine eligibility based on income, past due bills and residence.

Eligibility standards from religious organizations are not as strict as local agencies, according to WAHM.com. but mothers may still need to show documentation to receive help. Religious organizations provide food to mothers through food banks and also offer clothing assistance.

WAHM.com claims that the TANF program gives cash and food stamps to struggling mothers at the federal level. The LIHEAP program assists with energy-related expenses and utility bills. A single mother who is head of a household can qualify for certain grants, while others assist mothers in completing their education. These grants come from the Sunshine Lady Foundation, Women's Opportunity Awards.

SingleMomFinancialHelp.com mentions that institutional grants come from colleges and universities. Single moms can start a 529 savings plan, which is an account that allows anyone to deposit money in support of higher education.

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