How Do You Fill in a Restraining Order Form?

The exact requirements for filling in a restraining order vary by state, but in California's County of Alameda, the following forms must be completed in black or blue ink: a Request for Order, a Temporary Restraining Order and a Confidential Information form. If children are involved, additional paperwork is necessary.

Those seeking protection for a minor child must also fill out a Child Custody, Visitation and Support Form and a Child Custody and Visitation Order, according to the County of Alameda. Those who are seeking child support must also fill out an Income and Expense Declaration or a Financial Statement. The County of Alameda offers individuals the opportunity to fill out most of these forms online and then print them, and they then require only a signature before they are delivered to one of the courthouses designated by the county to receive them.

After it is submitted, a court hearing is scheduled, and later, the Temporary Restraining Order is returned from the judge. If it has been signed, it is important to review the document because the judge may have made changes or not have signed off on certain requests. These issues can be addressed at the next scheduled hearing, notes the County of Alameda.