How Do You Fill Out a Vehicle Incident Report?


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The information a driver is required to include on a vehicle incident report depends in large part on the state in which the accident occurred, according to DMV.org. Following proper procedure to fill out the form and submit it is also a matter of state law.

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How Do You Fill Out a Vehicle Incident Report?
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States have strict regulations about what is required of a driver who has been involved in an accident, reports DMV.org. Failure to heed such regulations may lead to serious legal consequences, including a suspended or revoked license, heavy fines, and even imprisonment. Some states, such as New York and Massachusetts, allow drivers who have been involved in a minor accident, with damage to the vehicles of less than $1,000, to exchange driver's license, vehicle plate and insurance company information without contacting authorities or submitting an accident report.

In other states, such as Florida, law enforcement must be contacted immediately if drivers are involved in any type of accident with evident vehicle damage above $500, if someone has been injured, or if one of the drivers seems under the influence.

In some states, it is not necessary to submit an accident report if one has already been filed by the police, but other states require dual reports, says DMV.org. State DMV websites and organizations such as DMV.org provide clear directions of the requirements in each specific state. After an accident, such information should be sought out immediately.

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