How Do You Fill Out VA Form 21-686c?

To fill out VA Form 21-686c, Declaration of Status of Dependents, include the information required by the form, including personal information, VA file number, marital status and information regarding any unmarried children. The two-page form requires a Social Security number, school status and other information for each dependent. The Veterans Administration estimates that it takes approximately 15 minutes to fill out the form.

The first section of the form asks for the veteran’s first, middle and last names, along with his Social Security number, address, email address and marital status. It also asks for the veteran’s spouse’s birth date. The next section requires information for both the veteran's and the veteran’s spouse’s current and previous marriages and provides space for three marriages. The veteran must list any additional marriages in the Remarks section of the form or on a separate sheet.

The third section of the form asks for information about the veteran’s unmarried children, with spaces for the name of the child, date and place of birth, Social Security number and familial status, such as whether the child is a biological, adopted or stepchild. The form also asks whether the child was previously married or seriously disabled. The veteran should also fill out the names and addresses of any dependents not living with him.

The final step in filling out VA Form 21-686c is to sign and date the form, and include both daytime and nighttime phone numbers.