How Do You Fill Out a Refugee Application Form?


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To fill out a U.S refugee application form, apply in person at a U.S consulate or embassy, says Nolo. Alternatively, you can apply at an office of the U.N High Commissioner for refugees. Applicants must fill out and submit a form called the USCIS Form I-590. Each applicant must have a U.S-based sponsor, which is typically a supportive organization.

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To achieve refugee status, all applicants must supply affidavits describing their persecutions, according to Nolo. Each refugee application is reviewed by an asylum officer, who then makes the final decision in the case. If the application is approved, the applicant receives a visa for immediate entry into the United States. As of 2015, there is no appeal process for rejected refugee applications.

Only certain types of persecution qualify people for refugee status, as stated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Qualifying applicants must face current or future persecution due to political views, race, nationality; religious faith, or membership in a disadvantaged social group. When entering the United States, approved refugees can bring along spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21. Whatever their individual circumstances, people cannot qualify for refugee status if they have themselves engaged in acts of persecution.

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