How Do You Fill Out a Quit Claim Deed Form?

When executing a quit claim deed, the sections of the form are filled in with information attesting to the amount, description and transfer of the property, according to Quit claim deeds are popular in part because of their simplicity.

Quit claim deeds are a way for one person to transfer ownership of property to another person. The form is generally used between two family members and does not require the use of lawyers and excessive amounts of paperwork, as explained by

The person selling the property is referred to as the Grantor, and the person purchasing the property is the Grantee, notes The parties fill in the blanks on the form, which include the date and the state and county in which the property is located. Further down, both parties must agree to the address of the property being sold, the amount of money being paid, and that the Grantor agrees to "quit claim" on the property. Both parties must include their addresses.

The final part of the quit claim form includes a legal description of the property being transferred. This description is available on the original title. The description must also include the lot number and tax parcel number, states Finally, the document should be signed by both parties, notarized and deposited at the county recorder's office.