How Do You Fill Out a Proxy Form for Absentee Voting?

How Do You Fill Out a Proxy Form for Absentee Voting?

Depending on the state, city or county that you live in, you may receive an absentee ballot by mail after submitting the appropriate absentee ballot application. To fill out the form, follow the directions on the form, print all relevant information clearly, and check the appropriate boxes, such as the reason for requesting an absentee ballot and the corresponding election.

The absentee ballot application, or proxy form, asks for your name, address, date of birth and the name of the person that you authorize to pick up your ballot, deliver your completed ballot or if you prefer to receive and send your ballot by mail.

You also can request an absentee ballot application with a letter to your local board of elections, your city or town clerk or your local election commission. The letter must include your name, registered address, ward and precinct if applicable and you know them, address where you want the ballot to be sent and the party ballot you want in a primary. Sign the letter.

Actual ballots vary slightly between locations and elections but follow a general format. There are boxes or sections containing the name of the locality, the offices and corresponding candidates. Completely filling in the boxes or ovals next to the names of your chosen candidates constitutes the first part of casting your vote.

A set of return envelopes and instructions typically accompany your absentee ballot. Return the ballot in the appropriate envelopes per the instructions.