How Do You Fill Out Probate Forms?


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Individuals applying for probate in New York fill out most probate forms by providing the name of the deceased, the beneficiaries, the assets and their value, says Legal Zoom. Probate forms and the process varies from state to state, says Legal Match.

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New York probate forms ask the applicant to fill in the date of death of the decedent, the value of the estate and the citizenship of the deceased, says Legal Zoom. Applicants have heirs fill out waiver and consent forms, which state that the heirs approve of the appointment of the executor and they don't wish to have legal service of the probate notice.

Applicants in New York also need to fill out affidavits for the witnesses of the will, and each witness signs their prospective affidavit. The affidavit affirms the witnesses did see the deceased sign the will. If the deceased filed his will in court prior to his death, affidavits may not be needed, states Legal Zoom

The probate process works to handle the distribution of the assets of the deceased, and the forms help determine that the will is valid, document the property the deceased owned, ensure that all taxes are paid, and that the assets are distributed under the will and state laws, states Legal Match.

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