How Do You Fill Out a Notary Affidavit?

When a notary affidavit or certificate is filled out, the notary's signature affirms the identity of the person mentioned in the affidavit. In addition, the notary affirms that any depositions made or documents signed were done in her presence.

  1. State the venue

    List the venue where the notarization is occurring. This typically includes only the state and county.

  2. List the names of those involved

    State the name of the person whose affidavit you are notarizing. Make sure all names are legible and properly spelled. If you are verifying that a document is an exact copy of another document, scrutinize both documents correctly.

  3. Cross out inappropriate pronouns

    Strike out any pronouns in a pre-printed notary certification or affidavit which don't apply. Typically, these documents offer choices such as "he/she/they" and "his/her/their." Read through the document carefully and cross out the inappropriate pronouns so that the document reads correctly. Strike out any other inapplicable "either/or" choices on the certificate.

  4. Seal the document

    Affix your notary seal to the document next to the spot for your own signature. Make sure the seal does not overlap any words or other material on the document. The notary seal must be completely legible.

  5. Sign the document

    Sign the notary affidavit or certificate. Add your commission information if it's requested.