How Do You Fill Out a Nominations Form Template?

To fill out a nomination form template, type or print the name of the nominee at the top of the form, include the date of the nomination and provide information about the nominee, such as accomplishments, academic achievements or awards received. A nomination form template may also require you to provide examples of positive character traits and information about the nominee's personality.

Nomination form templates for community or volunteer awards may request a reflection about the nominee's work with local agencies, non-profit organizations or volunteer work at health care facilities, nursing homes or schools. Provide specific examples or scenarios that you have witnessed such as a nominee helping an elderly person carry in groceries, help with a Habitat for Humanity project or collect donations for a local food pantry.

Employee nomination forms may request employment information such as length of time the employee has worked for the company, productivity rates, customer testimonials or sales numbers. The key to writing an effective nomination is to include positive attributes about the nominee that show the person is deserving of the recognition. Fill out the form completely and provide your personal contact information and relationship to the nominee in case a committee needs additional information.