How Do You Fill Out Form G-325A for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?


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Complete form G-325A for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services by entering the correct personal information in each of the 12 required fields, states Nolo. Answer questions that ask for an exact date with the year only if you can't recall the specific date. USCIS may return forms that contain too many responses that don't provide the requested information.

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The first nine questions ask for names, addresses and employment history, so have these details available and practice writing them out before filling in the application, advises Nolo. Be sure to enter the names of former spouses correctly, as USCIS screens applicants for cases of possible marriage fraud. Answer questions six and seven, which ask for a list of addresses, in reverse chronological order, starting with current or most recent address. List employers and occupations in reverse order for questions eight and nine. Include jobs outside the United States, and make sure there are no unexplained gaps in your work history.

If you submit form G-325A for someone else, such as a spouse or family member, mark "other" for question number 10, and specify that the form supports that person's I-130 application, explains Nolo. If you are filling out the form for yourself, check the box that indicates permanent resident status. Enter your native writing script in question 11 if it's anything other than the English alphabet. Print your name in the last field, and supply an alien number if you've previously applied for immigration or been involved in deportation proceedings.

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