How Do You Fill Out Form DD 1172 for a Military ID Card?

How Do You Fill Out Form DD 1172 for a Military ID Card?

To fill out Form DD 1172 to get a military identification card, complete the sponsor information section, the authorization section, the verification section and the dependent information section. A sponsoring service member must accompany you during the filing process or provide his signature in front of a notary or verifying official.

Complete the sponsor information section, which contains information on the sponsor or military member. This information includes the name, date of birth and place of birth of the military member. The section also asks the current status or military rank of the sponsor, his pay grade and his military branch. If you are unsure of the codes to use for pay grade or organization, consult the instruction booklet.

Leave the General Cat field section blank, as the form's processing system fills this out. On the sponsor remarks box, the sponsor provides information on your relationship with him. He may leave the remarks box blank, but he must sign and date this section.

In the authorization section, the military member gets an authorizing sponsor from his military branch to provide information on his military history. The authorizing sponsor must sign and date the section. The verification section asks the name, phone number and identification number of the verifying official. The verifying official signs and dates this section.

On the final section, provide your biographical information as the dependent. This section requests standard identification information common in most official forms. You must provide a code in the relationship field.