How Do You Fill Out a Birth Certificate Request Form?

To fill out a birth certificate form, fill out all sections of the form, provide proof of identification, and pay any applicable fee. The fee may vary depending on the state of the applicant; as of 2015, the fee in Illinois is $15, while the fee in California is $25. Some states allow applicants to expedite the process for an additional fee.

To completely fill out a form for a birth certificate, put your first, middle and last name on the top line of the application. Birth date and place of birth are required, as are the sex and race of the person applying. The full maiden name of the mother of the applicant and the full name of the father are also required. Acceptable forms of identification include a photo driver's license, a passport, military identification or a temporary residence card.

If filling out the form for another person, you must fill out and sign the section that explains your relationship to the applicant; otherwise, sign the bottom of the form. Some states provide a discount if you request more than one copy at a time; for example, Mississippi charges $15 for the first certificate and $5 for each additional copy.